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Doors by Style


Doors By Material


Get The Service And Advice You Deserve (Finally).


Enough of the rushed, unhelpful answers from frazzled salespeople. When you’re talking with us, you are our top priority and get our full attention. We don’t want you to have any doubts that whatever door you choose fits what you need.

We’ve sold hundreds of doors to everyone from architects to hotel magnates to homeowners. We know how our doors perform in the real world, and as certified distributors of the best door brands out there, we know all the little details you’ll want to hear about each product.

And we are one of the only door distributors in Los Angeles with a full showroom, so you can see how each door feels for yourself.


A Curated Collection Of The Finest Doors For Any Budget.

A good door looks solid, opens smoothly, and locks properly. But a great one says “welcome” like nothing else.

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for. Something beyond what practically everyone else has already picked out at your local big box store. Something that will stand out (and help your home do the same).

You’ll find it here, at LUXE windows + doors.

We carefully select top-tier doors from brands trusted by the pros for their build quality, material selection, and endurance. The same ones used in the latest residential constructions and stunning works of architecture. They might not be as pricey as you think. Come see them at Los Angeles’ premier source for quality doors.

Visit. Call. Email. We’re Here.

While we recommend a visit to our showroom, because nothing compares with seeing a door in person, we’re also available on the phone or on email. There is never any obligation to buy a thing when you speak with us. Rather we are committed to figuring out if a LUXE door would make sense for you. Let’s start that process - click below and get in touch.

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